First Look at the Tooyoou Android App

Tooyoou gives you full control of who can advertise on your mobile phone, what can be advertised on your phone and when you see those advertisements. In the process you earn real money and get great deals for your space, valuable time and attention.

You specify "Your Choice" in the App at a certain time of the day you might want to go shopping for apparel and you receive advertisements from businesses near you on great deals they have on apparel. Essentially you don't have to click the ad on your home screen or buy anything from the business advertising to you. Tooyoou still pays you for the advertisement being streamed on your phone.

"Your Ads" shows you an advertisement message or a coupon depending on the advertisement being streamed on your phone at that time.

"Your Money" shows you how much you have accrued in your account and when will you get paid next.