The Difference

Mobile Advertising - How is Tooyoou different?

If you own a smart phone you must have seen these at some point of your user experience.

In-Application Advertising

When you are using an app on your smart phone, random ads are streamed inside that app.This to us is distracting and rarely useful and mostly irrelevant advertisements.Your key intent here was to use the App - Ads in this medium result in distraction.

Search Advertising

These advertisements are more relevant to your search.
Do you remember when was the last time you clicked on a sponsored link? We really don't. Also search ads are textual so its not that appealing to the end user.Your key intent here was to search - Ads in this medium although relevant rarely effective.

Mobile Browser Advertisements

Browser Ads are static advertisements. At one time if multiple users visit the same mobile website irrespective of who they are and what they do, they see the same ads which once again adds to irrelevance and ineffectiveness.

In all forms advertising dollars change hands, and you are no where in the food chain neither do the ads add value to your lives or to the advertisers.

Here comes Tooyoou...

Tooyoou will not show you ads when you are doing anything else on your phone whatever it might be. You will see Tooyoou billboard on your home screen only when the phone is idle and you turn it on. This solves the problem of ads distracting the intent of primary phone usage.

Every Ad streamed on your billboard is from the businesses and industry you like at a location nearby and at the time you are most likely to make a choice to purchase that product. This solves the problem of relevance.

Lets say you want coffee ads in the morning on your Tooyoou Billboard we make that space open for bids on our innovative bid management system. All coffee shops near you want your business and your attention so they bid for the exclusive right to stream their promotion for you on Tooyoou billboard. Now we have some money once the bidding ends and that Ad is streamed to your billboard.  

This is where you enter the food chain since its your space, your phone...we share that ad revenue with you.