Tooyoou App User Demographics

We wanted to present some interesting and anonymous data answering some key questions about Tooyoou App user demographics.

Data Source: Tooyoou App Integration with Flurry and all data is collected as per existing industry standards and regulations respecting app user anonymity.

What age group of Android device owners mostly opt-in and use Tooyoou?

Are Tooyoou App users mostly Male or Female?

What are Tooyoou App users most interested in?

What are most common personas of Tooyoou App users?

Interesting widget for Tooyoou

Check this out folks. Here is an interesting widget to send Tooyoou Android App download link to your phone through SMS or email. It also supports direct download through Google Play.

What would be really cool to redeem your Tooyoou Points for?

All Tooyoou App users earn Tooyoou points for free just by keeping Tooyoou widget (billboard) on their Android device home screen active. Currently you can redeem those points for cash once everyday if you have 1000 points or more by spinning Tooyoou wheel here.

We want to know from you what according to you would be really cool to redeem your Tooyoou Points for? Have your say and we will listen.

How to enable Tooyoou Widget on your Android device running Android 3.x and higher?

This is a post aimed at helping Android device users running Tooyoou App on their phones and tablets to successfully find and enable Tooyoou widget (billboard) on their devices. Assuming we all know how to enable a widget on devices running Android versions 1.6 (Donut) through to 2.3.x (Gingerbread) below are directions to enable your Tooyoou widget on Android devices running 3.x and higher (Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean).

Android being the ever changing and evolving OS that it is, sometimes even the goodness that comes out of it might make App developers and users gasp for breath in keeping pace with its changes. These progressive changes that make Android the phenomenal mobile OS it is sometimes leave App users confused as to how things work in the new version of the OS running on their sleek new gadget.

A perfect example can be a simple task of enabling an App Widget on an Android device. We have received quite a few emails and queries from Tooyoou App users running Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich on their Android devices that after installing Tooyoou they were unable to find Tooyoou widget on their Widgets list and had problems enabling it thus inferring that Tooyoou does not work on Honeycomb and ICS devices anymore.

Well, good news is that Tooyoou works for all devices starting from Donut up to Jelly bean devices without any problems and we are here to show you how.

Android devices running 3.x and higher (Honeycomb through to Jelly Bean) - 
this is how you enable Tooyoou widget after installing Tooyoou. Screen shots below were generated using Ice Cream Sandwich (Android v 4.0.4)

a) Go to your home screen after installing Tooyoou on your Android device. 
Press Apps Launcher button as shown in the image below.

b) You will see this screen next where you can navigate under All Apps drawer to check if you have Tooyoou installed successfully on your device.

c) Now Press Widgets in the right hand top corner beside All Apps and then swipe through the list to find Tooyoou widget.

Please note and always keep in mind that on Android devices running Honeycomb and above you might not be able to find Tooyoou widget in the Widgets list right after installing Tooyoou from Google Play. Restarting / Rebooting your device will resolve this issue. As far as we know this has been reported as a defect to Google Android team here

d) Once you have found Tooyoou widget in the Widgets list press and hold the widget and place it on your home screen wherever you have space for a 4 by 1 widget.

e) That's it! You have successfully enabled the Tooyoou widget on your Android device running Ice Cream Sandwich. 

Feel free to write to us at if you still have questions or need any help.

Introducing Tooyoou Affiliate Program and Points

Tooyoou Affiliate program has just been released. It is aimed at solving the problem that we faced from the very first day of our existence. Organic and consistent growth of the App user and Advertiser base on Tooyoou. Yet another hard to solve problem always has been app user complaints "Money is not enough to use Tooyoou". We definitely get it!

Tooyoou affiliate program aims at solving these problems in a two pronged approach. One aimed at gaining and retaining Tooyoou App users and the other aimed at attracting advertisers on board thereby increasing App users' share of the pie.


Sign up to be a Tooyoou Affiliate at and here are the two things you need to do to earn more money using the affiliate program.

Approach a friend, family or co-worker to sign up to Tooyoou Android App with your referral code and show them how Tooyoou works and earn 10% of all ad revenue (USD) that Tooyoou earns from these new users, since you signed them up. 10% revenue sharing continues as long as your friends keep using Tooyoou. The new App users have to sign up to Tooyoou App mentioning your Affiliate code. 

Approach your favorite local business and introduce Tooyoou to them and show them how they can advertise on Tooyoou. Every dollar businesses spend on Tooyoou based on your referral you receive 30% of it. 

That’s all you have to do!

Effectively anyone in USA can sign up as a Tooyoou Affiliate. You do not need any programming skills or any specific smart phone to be a successful Tooyoou affiliate. Having an Android smart phone and Tooyoou installed and running on your phone is recommended but not required.

Tooyoou does not require you to embed links or own any online property. You can choose to leverage your social media or offline connections to get more app users and advertisers for us and our system works for you. 

Tooyoou App Version 0.6.7 is also live in Android Market! (or should we say Google Play!)
1. Tooyoou Android App version 0.6.7 has been integrated with Tooyoou Affiliate program. Now you can sign up friends to use Tooyoou App and earn even more.

2. Tooyoou Points Release - Earn and accumulate points just for keeping your Tooyoou billboard on your Android device home screen and for using Tooyoou. You will be able to redeem Tooyoou Points for cash and cool stuff at very soon.

3. Tablet UI Optimization

4. Bug Fixes! :)