Advertisers do not have to spend millions of dollars in targeted marketing being dependent on complex algorithms of advertisement networks anymore. Why?

The blend of time and ad category preference that Tooyoou users set in addition to their current location creates the perfect target criteria for businesses. Instead of the algorithms determining what someone might want to see in an ad, the user themselves tell the system what they want and at what time which creates a high chance of conversion of that advertisement to an actual transaction.

At any time during the process of advertisement submission an advertiser will be able to see the number of Tooyoou users at that time who have chosen the category that the advertisement is being submitted for.

It's also cheap to advertise on Tooyoou. It takes only $0.10 to advertise your business on a single Tooyoou user's billboard. Tooyoou does not charge a penny until your advertisement has been streamed to Tooyoou users' billboard. You are free to choose how many Tooyoou billboards you want to target. An advertiser who chose to advertise on only one billboard has the same probability of reaching the users' billboard as the advertiser who chose to advertise on 100 billboards.

Published Ad visibility is very high in our mobile advertising model. Why? Research shows that people look at their smartphones more often than they search on Google. Everytime they look at their phone they see your advertisement right on their home screen.