What we do

Imagine if your smart phone earns money every time you look at your phone screen,how would that be?You can use your home screen as your private billboard and get paid for displaying advertisements.If you think that’s cool there is more to it.Tell us what you love to do and where you love to shop.In turn,your personal billboard displays timely advertisements and promotions from businesses you prefer.Our Ad-By-Choice has enabled that!

We are a group of programmers and management students out to make a mark in the world of new media.We are working on this revolutionary concept of mobile advertising where both users and advertisers share value.

Advertisements on the home screen of a smart phone are more likely to attract user’s critical attention since it is displayed in front of their eyes with every use of the phone. The home screen serves as the zero-click zone where the user interacts solely with the advertisement without any other action.Moreover,these promotions would be sent to the users based on their interests and current location,which maximizes benefits on every dollar spent.

We are creating a dynamic marketplace where businesses can choose a price to pay for the space on the user’s phone.

We realize the importance of privacy, data security and normal performance of the phone and will ensure these throughout the project.

We have ways to go and a detailed plan to turn this groundbreaking concept into a reality.We need your support to make this happen for all of us.