What does tooyoou mean?

tooyoou pronounced to-you means everything we are creating is to benefit you, be it offers/promotions, money and goodies go to you.

What is project tooyoou - I still don't understand?

In lay man's terms project tooyoou enables you to be able to create and lease a little billboard space on your smartphone home screen to us. You also get to choose what kind of offers and promotions you want to see in your personal billboard. Once your billboard is active it starts earning you money and you get paid every month just for looking at your phone.

Can any smart phone user be a part of this?

Project tooyoou's target is to enable all Android smart phone users to be able to be a part of our innovative system.

Where does the project stand right now?

We have a first working prototype which we are enhancing in terms of form, functionalities and features. We are also working towards giving advertisers (small, medium and big businesses) an easy to use and maintain web interface to submit their advertisements and budget their campaigns. We have installed the Android application on a real device (Verizon DROID Incredible running Froyo Android 2.2). Taking the application through a robust testing process we will ensure their are no leaks to security and the app gives all end users what we promised - Choice, Real Ads and Money.

How can I be sure that leasing space on my smart phone is safe and secure and will not be a threat to my privacy?

Privacy of the user and safety and security of user's data on their smart phones is of paramount importance to us. We have made sure that our system will not require, access or store any of that private information. Our website or application will not even require you to enter personal information to be a registered user.

How does the billboard space on my screen affect my normal smart phone usage?

Tooyoou billboard on your phone will NOT affect your smart phone performance in anyway. It will not hinder, intrude or interfere with any user operation or any other apps running in parallel on the smart phone. We are committed to keep your smart phone operating seamlessly as ever before.

How will I get paid every month for leasing my billboard?

Since we do not want users to provide any bank account information or residential address to us we will be using established trusted payment methods like Paypal, Google Checkout etc. to pay the users.

If you have any other questions not answered here or if you are interested about the project and think you can contribute please feel free to email us at - info@tooyoou.com.